SMS Jokes For Today

Mr. World Q & A
JUDGE: “To what animal do u compare your penis?”
GERMAN: “Lion! It’s strong!”
AMERICAN: “Girraffe, coz it’s long!”
PINOY: “Mouse!”
JUDGE: “What? Why mouse?”
PINOY: “Mouse are chased by pussies!” (applaused! standing ovation!!!)
The pinoy won.


GF: “ know what… u have a body of a god!..”
BF: “oh yeah? you really think so? which god? Adonis? Zeus?”
GF: “no.. Buddha!”


INA: “Ikaw na bata ka! pumunta ka nga ba sa gay bar?”
ANAK: “Opo”
INA: “Ano ang nakita mo dun na hindi mo dapat makita?”
ANAK: “Si itay po…ang landi! Tumitili pa!”


Advantage at Disadvantage ng may asawa:
Advantage: Pag kailangan mo nandiyan na agad.
Disadvantage: Pag ayaw mo na, andiyan pa din!

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