on pins and needles

there’s no special occasion today…

no special reason to write…

i don’t have any news to share…

no problems to air out…

no stories to tell.

this is one of those times when i’m thinking…

wish i could make myself just vanish into thin air – that simple.

5 thoughts on “on pins and needles

  1. Reminds me of “Salad Anniversary.” A collection of short poems that once a best seller here in Japan.

    “Today you said my salad is delicious. And so I will remember this day as our Salad Anniversary.”

    The author also mentioned in her poem, “I love the province. There’s nothing in there. Nothing. And that’s why I like it.”

    Ah, anyway. What I mean is that we do not vanish into emptiness. Perhaps we are just too afraid to empty ourselves.

    Lolz… (nice meeting you! I came here through Elaine’s blog. 😀 )


  2. @dayu
    emote mode lang ako kahapon. paminsan-minsan eh siempre may mga low-moments din ako.
    uy! nice meeting u too. napansin nga kita dun sa blog ni elaine. musta na dyan sa japan? salamat nga pala sa pagdalaw ha? 😀

    ‘la ka pa rin kupas sa pagiging poetic. thank u for lifting me up.

    so sweet. miss mo ko noh? joke lang! hahaha!


  3. The winds dont always blow
    The sun at times hides behind clouds
    Nor are there always stars at the night

    It does not mean the world stopped moving
    Neither does it mean life stopped flowing
    It only means at times we need to pause and find recluse in our silence

    for u langga


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