Dahil Sa Nanay Ako

The famous French author Victor Hugo tell this story.

It was during the French Revolution in 1700. A mother and her 2 children were driven from their home. They wandered through the woods and fields for several days, living in roots and leaves. On the 3rd morning they hid in some brunches but 2 soldiers flushed them out. The officer saw that they were starving, so he gave them a long loaf of french bread. The mother grabbed it like a famished animal, broke it into pieces, and gave one to each child.

One officer saw that and asked the other, Isn’t that mother hungry?“. “No”, replied the captain, “it’s because she’s a mother”.

Ilang beses ko na nabasa ‘tong wentong ‘to na isinulat ko pa sa planner ko. At ilang beses na rin tumulo ang luha ko tuwing nababasa ko ‘to.

Wala lang. Siguro mababaw lang luha ko…o siguro dahil gutom ako ngayon. . . o siguro dahil sa. . . nanay ako.

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