Travel Tips

Planning a summer vacation? Get tips on preparing for your flight.

  1. Read up on your destination. Know where you are flying to. Check to see if there is peak travel months offered for your destination. Take note that cheap flights are significantly available if you are flying during weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). For more discount airfare, check your travel agency website online, or grab a guidebook before you set off.
  2. Get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. A two-hour check-in period not only gives you time to get through the various security checks, but also allows you to browse the airport shops.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing. You want to relax so avoid business suits if possible. However, do make sure you look smart and presentable. No pajamas please!
  4. Add something to make your luggage easy to spot when claiming your bags. Watch your weight limit 20 kilos for check-in luggage and seven kilos for carry-on bags.
  5. Make sure you medications are in their original packaging if you are bringing pills with you. This is to avoid being held up with questions.
  6. Make sure you turn off your mobile phone. Its airwaves interfere with the plane’s electronic signals.
  7. Yawning helps to release the pressure in your ears.


  1. Gently circle your ankles in a clockwise motion five times, and then do it anti-clockwise.
  2. Roll your neck gently, making sure to open your mouth when you put your head back.
  3. Stand up as often as possible to keep your circulation going.
  4. Stretch.

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