SMS Jokes 07.24.08

Man meets woman at club.He finds woman rich & stilL gorgeous at 55.They drink & dance tiL the woman whispers to him: I feel horny. Would u like to have a double treat with a Mother & Daughter hmm? Excited man said: YES!YES! 
They went 2 woman’s house. Upon reaching her home d woman shouted,



INA: anak, tawagan mo nga tatay mo sa celfon. Pauwiin mo dito.
(pagkatapos tawagan)
ANAK: Nay, babae po ang sumagot.
NANAY: Lintik! Sinasabi ko na nga ba may tinatago yang tatay mo, eh! Anong sabi?
ANAK: “You only have zero pesos in your account…”
Hindi ko na tinapos, Nay, mukhang matapobre,’


Doc: Hows your erection?
Dick: Parang Coke ..
Doc: Katigas ? WOW! ..
Dick: HINDI PO. Minsan Regular, Minsan Lite , madlas Zero !!

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