SMS Jokes 10.17.08

BANAT for the DAY:

“Kung my rabis ang laway mo… handa akong maulol.. maka’halik lang sau!!”

SMS courtesy of Wow_Kalabaw

* * *

GF: “‘gano mo ko kamahal?”
BF:  (Hinawakan kamay ni gf at inilagay sa loob ng brief at nagsalita …)

“…kaw ang dahilan sa bawat pagtigas nito”…

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Plan Ahead

The Christmas season is needless to say, a string of parties – from the large-scale clan reunions that take weeks or even months to plan, to the medium-sized family gatherings, to the small and intimate get-togethers with friends. Whatever it is, if you are playing a host, better start planning now on what Christmas dinner recipes to prepare and carefully select the dishes that your holiday guest will surely love.

Passport Renewal

My “American” passport is going to expire on September 2009.  Hehe! Just kidding.

My brother Evan advised me to expedite the renewal of my passport as early as March 2009 if I have plans to travel out of the country by next year. I have checked the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs for the requirements. DFA will require the holder to present the passport, a photocopy of inside and back cover and the pages showing the latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps.  

Next year, DFA will see probably the “cleanest” for passport ever – my passport. There is no single immigration stamp on it or hint that I have been out of the country for the last 5 years.