SMS Jokes 11.19.08 (Wednesday)

Pacman in war with MILF…
PACMAN: “Sumuko na kayo!”
MILF: “Susuko lang kame pag na-spell mo ang ceasefire!!”
PACMAN: “Tuloy ang laban!! Durugin sila!! Padadalhan ko kayo ng chrysanthemum sa burol nyo!!”
MILF: “Spell chrysanthemum!”
PACMAN: “Pakyu! Sabi ko ROSE!! Bingi!”

SMS courtesy of Jelai 

* * *

Juan is taking entrance exam. After looking at the paper, he took off his shoes, shirt, pants and threw them out the window.
Juan: “Why tingin at me? Di ba sabi dito, answer the questions in brief!”

SMS courtesy of Jelai

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