SMS Jokes 01.21.09 (Wednesday)

PO1: “Bakit po K-9 ang tawag sa kanila sir!”
P/SUPT: “Bobo! Syempre pag tinawag ma silang K-10, hindi na sila aso.”
PO1: “Ano na po, sir?”
P/SUPT: “Maliit na cat na sila. Tanga!”

SMS courtesy of DEFPOTEC

* * *

Lets sing the EDSA HYMN:

“IBON kong laging tumitigas, pisilin mo at may lalabas, ipasok sa FLOWER na madulas, HUGOT-BUNOT hanggang makaalpas.”

** Repeat until fade…

SMS coutesy of Wow_Kalabaw

* * * * * *





Quote of the Day:
“Act as if it were impossible to fail.” –Dorothea Brande

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