Berry Picking

Whenever I miss my Ate Ellen, I just go and check her Multiply account and see if there are new photos being posted. My Ate Ellen who resides and a citizen of Canada is my oldest sister.

Here are some photos that I grabbed from her Multiply. I just love this – her Berry Picking photo album.


Blackberries grow together in large clusters and are great for eating off the bush, or for making jams and jellies.

They are said to contain tons of healthy anti-oxidants, which are rich in health benefits.

I felt envious that my sister’s being able to see real Blackberry plants and pick them fresh!

IMG-0254  IMG-0239  IMG-0243 IMG-0253 IMG-0255 (1) 


















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3 thoughts on “Berry Picking

    • hahaha! korek ka! magkahawig nga kami. Medyo MAS maganda nga lang ako ng mga dalawang paligo. ssshhhh! sana lang wag maligaw ang ate ko dito sa blog at sana hindi nya to mabasa. 😀

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