SMS JOKES 03.14.09 (Saturday)

Mag-BF na nag-aaway:
Girl: “gag0!”
B0y:  ”gag0 ka din!”
Girl: “tarantad0!”
B0y: “tarantad0 ka din!”
Girl:  ”sup0t!”
B0y: “eh ee…naman eh! Sori na kasi.”

SMS courtesy of Arch

“ang tawag sa nag-gagawa ng tubo, tubero.
kumukuha ng basura, basurero.
ang mahilig sa gimik, gimikero.
mahilig s babae, babaero.

eh, ano ang tawag sa laging nasa kanto?!”


TAMBAY! wag kang mag imbento jan!

SMS courtesy of Arch

* * * *

Hirit of the Day

“Baril ka ba?
…baka pwedeng pakalabit sayo.
…kahit isang putok lang.”‘

SMS courtesy of Wow_kalabaw

* * * *

Restaurant sa Ongpin…

Customer1: “Hot tea.”
Customer2: “Ako rin hot tea. Make sure malinis baso.”

after a while…

Waiter: “Ang order nyo 2 hot tea. Kanino nga ung malinis na baso?”‘

SMS courtesy of 09178396975

* * * *
Old man having sex with young girl..
Tanda: In the Autumn of my life, there is Summer in my heart.
Girl: If you don’t put some Spring in your action, we will be here all WINTER!

SMS courtesy of 09178396975

* * * *
Donald Duck walked into a drugstore & asked for a packet of condoms.
‘Certainly, sir,’ replied the lady behind the counter, ’shall I put them on your Bill?
‘NO WAY!’ replied Donald Duck, ‘What do you think I am, a Dickhead?!’

SMS courtesy of 09178396975

* * * *
The blondes at a college were tired of not fitting in. So they pressed the school to set up a new department for them and had their way with the Blonde Education Department. The blondes were ecstatic, that they all proudly wear the official sweatshirt of the department which says, ‘I belong in B.E.D.’

SMS courtesy of 09178396975

* * * *

I thought my life is lonely till I saw a man with no arms but happily shakes his body.
I asked him: “You don’t have arms, why are you! so happy?”
He answered: “di ako happy, makati lang itlog ko!”

SMS courtesy of daxjeremy

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