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Give more than you take.† Do your best to leave every situation better than you found it.† Seek beauty in all its forms.† Chase dreams.† Watch sunsets.† Endeavor to use more than 10 percent of your brain.† Donít stifle your deep-from-the-gut, cleansing laughter.† Take a moment to ponder the enormity of the universe, then admit to yourself that you canít possibly be the center.† Breathe deeply.† Swim into the dark water.† Let yourself cry when your body tells you to.† Love more.† Delight in silliness.† Donít be bitter.† Forgive.† Forgive.† Forgive.

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One thought on “What is the REAL MEANING OF LIFE?

  1. Really significant post on the meaning of life. As one who studies this and blogs about it all the time, I think you made a significant contribution. I just noticed that you have included my blog-post “The meaning of Life and Detachment from All things and People” just below this comment box. THANK YOU. Would you so kind as to allow me to place your words on my blog? Including, of course, attribution to you? Please let me know.
    .-= Dr Robert Henry Schwenk´s last blog ..The Meaning of Life and Detachment from All Things and People =-.


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