SMS Jokes 26

RECEPTIONIST: Excuse me Sir, wil u b staying here for a week?
AMERICAN: im afraid not!
RECEPTIONIST: How bout u sir?
PACQUIA0: im not afraid!

* * * * *

Garchi: Kahit na retired na me, mam, if u need my expertise, just call me b4 election proper.

GMA: No, thanks. Pampanga is my home teritory. No more FPJ to rival me.
Garchi: Mam, u r not sure of ur kabalens.
GMA: Ok copy. Texting lang tayo para walang makamonitor.

Garchi: Cge, mam. Gamit tayo codenames.

U, “Beauty”. :-*
Me, “Beast”. :@

* * * * *

18-22: like Africa, half-discovered, half-wild, fertile & naturally beautiful
23-30: like Europe, well developed, open to trade for cash
31-35: like India, hot, relaxed
36-40: like France, gently aging, still a nice warm place to visit
41-50: like England, glorious & conquering past
51-60: like Israel, been through wars & doesn’t make same mistakes
61-up: like Tibet, only adventurous spirits visit
1-90: like Iran, ruled by a prick

* * * * *

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