SMS Jokes 27

Private thoughts:
“Gaano man kaganda, Kabait, At Katalin0 ni Jinkee…Talo pa rin sya ng malanding tulad ko.” - Krista

* * * * *

A woman kisses his balls every morning to make his putter rise.
Good Luck, Mr. Golfer! Fore-play na!

* * * * * *

A Filipino family Rcived d Coffin of their dead father sent by their aunt based in San Francisco USA wid a letter in d Coffin –

I am sending Dad’s body & w/ it d Gifts u had askd 4. Under hs body R 12 packs of Chocolates,10 packs of Gums & 8 packs of Almonds.

Dad s wearing a pair of Nike shoe 4 Chito & a Baseball hat 4 Peter. Dr R 2 Bags 4 Maira & Rachel in each arm. Father s wearing 6 Shirts & Socks 4 d kids & d 4 Jockey underwears he s wearing R 4 Jr. Harold’s ring is on d left hand & Ronald/Bernard’s watches on each arms. If dr s any thing I missed out,Pls let me know bcoz mother s also vry sick. Bye 4 now. Lots of luv… Ur Aunt Julie!!:-P

* * * * *

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