SMS Jokes 42

Son kills butterfly…dad says, “no BUTTER for 2 weeks.”
Son kills honeybee…dad says, “no HONEY for 2 weeks.” Mom kills cockroach….son says, “cmon dad tell her!”

SMS Joke courtesy of Kups

* * * * *

There are two choices when you wanna sleep with someone:
1. There’s the torrid kisses, hot foreplays & non stop sex; or
2. warm embrace, a goodnight kiss and the phrase “sweet dreams, LOVE you.. mwah!”

which one would u ch0ose? –ang pumiLi ng number 2 .. pLastik!

SMS Joke courtesy of Grashiela

* * * * *

Sadyang pinaglaruan tayo ng panahon…
kung kelan di mo hinihintay, du’n dumadating…
kapag sobra na umaasa ka naman, saka wala…

Ang utot talaga, pabigla-bigla!

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