Love Thee (Part 1)

"I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears, of all my life!"


  1. Love his generosity of TIME that I need.
  2. Love him for always getting my complete name right.
  3. Love his every now and then surprises.
  4. Love his care and attention to my kids.
  5. Love his being a great daddy to his daughters.
  6. Love his modulated voice.
  7. Love his sense of humor.
  8. Love his analytical mind.
  9. Love his intelligence.
  10. Love his way in making me feel special.
  11. Love his being so easy to talk with.
  12. Love how he reads my mind.
  13. Love his being so protective.
  14. Love his humility.
  15. Love his eyes.
  16. Love his modesty and not being a show off.
  17. Love his moan when he is horny.
  18. Love how he needs me.
  19. Love his generosity not only to me but also to almost people who matters to me.
  20. Love his interest in almost anything that concern me.
  21. Love his being attentive and curious.
  22. Love his interest in listening to my anecdotes even if it is non-sense.
  23. Love his fair skin.
  24. Love his hairline.
  25. Love his everyday I Love Uís.
  26. Love him when he cries to me when he is down and emo.
  27. Love him when he seeks comfort from me.
  28. Love him for having balls.
  29. Love how he works efficiently and diligently even his work most of the time – sucks.
  30. Love his sensitivity.
  31. Love him for being my knight.
  32. Love his name.
  33. Love him for being straight guy.
  34. Love him when he is a bit jealous.
  35. Love his breed.
  36. Love his romantic ways.
  37. Love his being an animal.
  38. Love his neatness.
  39. Love how he provides for the family.
  40. Love him for perfectly imperfect.

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