Time To Declutter

What makes me busy nowadays? Well, I am in a daunting task of much needed house improvement because in less than a month my fiancé is coming home. The truth, it took us some time to come to an agreement that he may spend part of his vacation days in July here in my place. Really, I am ambivalent because I know that there is a lot of preparation that waits to be done once I say yes.

I remember four months ago, just the mere thought of his coming over, the feeling of shame is already eating me up. I imagine and same time I cringe with embarrassment at the condition of my house. Not that I do not welcome Kups or anyone to visit me. Pardon me; it is just that frankly, I am not used to having guest here in my house. Anyway, Kups with his unwavering plans to come to town, how can I ever say NO to my husband to be?

Well, as my late mother would say, your home is a reflection of your LIFE and your THOUGHTS. Of course, I do not want my fiancé to see a jumbled home. For sure, nobody likes to stay in a home that looks like a chaotic warehouse that is why I am clearing all the clutters of my house, of things tucked away in my closets, cupboards — of “trash” items that I have collected over 19 years. Glad that I am able to ask my sister for some durable moving boxes and supplies, it helped me a lot in my cleaning and organizing.

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