On Unfounded Fears, Heartaches, and Breaking – Up


*From my Gmail

One has to always put the end in mind. But that is not the only significant part of the journey, it is always the destination we look at. But once we reach the destination, it’s the journey that we will always remember. We should not be too blinded with the destination that we forget to enjoy the trip going there.

Just like in a relationship, you just don’t think that you should enter into a relationship because you will already marry the person. You enter into a relationship to get to know the person better and discern if he indeed could be that person walking down the aisle with you. You have to spend some time with him and find out if the two of you are compatible and could hit it off. You wont know this by not giving the guy a chance.

You would not know all these things just by the looks of the guy or your first impression of him. Once you are in that relationship, that’s the best chance to build on what the two of you already have. Don’t break up with someone just because you don’t see yourself with the other person for the rest of your life. Don’t jeopardize a possibly wonderful relationship. How would you know that the other person is the right one if you don’t give him a chance to prove his worth? How would you know that he could be the one if you prematurely cut off the relationship because at the moment you don’t see yourself sharing the future with him? How would you know this if you don’t give him a chance? And I tell you that it will take you a long time (or possibly never) to find another guy like him.

Remember that its not everyday that you meet someone who has the magic to let you fall in love!!!!!

It might be possible that you would still remain as friends. But being together opens a lot of possibilities and opportunities that friends do not get. Even if you remain as friends, you would not be as close as before. The intensity and the same feeling is no longer there. The relationship will no longer be on the same level.¬† We can predict the future, we just need to hope and to pray for the best and for what is right and believe that’s how it will be.

In the movie Cant Hardly Wait, there was a line in that movie that goes something like this: Fate takes you just as far. Destiny is when everything falls right into place and its just up to you to make it happen. Destiny is a mixture of chance and of choice. Its not a thing to be awaited. You must make it happen. Don’t you feel that everything has already fallen right into place its up to you to make it happen?

Everything is just so right and how would the both of you know if this indeed is fate¬† or the plan if you would not give it a try. The only way for you to know is to at least give the relationship a chance and find out for yourselves. Don’t miss this chance of finding it out because of some unfounded fears.

At least if you give it a try, you can say that you did your best and you found out for yourselves. Not just base on some fears.