Love Thee (Part 2)

1-29-2011 12-23-35 PM


41. Love him for always making me cry. Tears washes my eyes. Perhaps for me to see more clearly.

42. Love him for the dozen of roses he sent. I displayed them all in one corner of my house. I still adore seeing them every day – dried.

43. Love him for the ring. Though haven’t tried it on, it melts my heart just staring at it. Wondering if it fits my finger. I don’t have a ring. Never had one.

44. Love him for not scolding me. Not even once. For my offenses and mistakes.

45. Love him for always leaving me without a word. Maybe for him to test me if I am still here when he comes back.

46. Love him for ignoring me. For the silent treatment. Gives me time to scrutinize and be connected to myself once again.

47. Love him for emailing me jokes. He makes “ambag” to my collection of SMS jokes. He supports Maruism.

48. Love him for giving me his pictures. More than 5 pieces already! For me to share to my friends and prove that, “Hey! See! He’s real!”

49. Love him for not staying up late at night anymore. His doctor will be glad.

50. Love him for no more waking up and dragging himself out of the bed very early in the morning. No more unholy hours of getting up just to talk to me online. Although I miss the deed. He will be healthier. His doctor will be happier.

51. Love him for sharing me stories about England. The lousy weather, the snow, et al.


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