Summer Time Again

summertime Weeks more to go and officially it is summer time. Beach time again, baby! I know lots of women are in pressure now to get that slim and sexy body fast before hitting the beach! And maybe some are into shopping already not only with the latest fashionable swimwear, but also in search for the best diet supplements to go with their loss weight program.

Well, whatever you do, the sky’s the limit when it comes to summer vacation. And remember, it is VACATION. So just relax, laugh a lot and have fun!

Wall Mounted TV

wall mounted tv We have two televisions set here at home. One is Samsung LCD flat screen TV acquired through the genuine kindness of Kups, and the other one is a hand me down 21-inch JVC TV set from my brother Evan, given to me two years ago. Nope, the hand-me-down TV is not a flat TV. It is an old CRT TV. Well, how I wish it is a flat one so I can easily position the unit in my bedroom using ceiling tv mounts. If only I have my way, I really prefer to position the old CRT television attached to the wall for two reasons: one, to save bedroom floor space and two, for me to have a better viewing potential while lying on bed.