Vintage Bra

Mga mare, meron ba kayo neto? O kaya nakapagsuot man lang?

Ako? Sorry, Britney Spears na kasi ang generation na kinabilangan ko kaya hindi ko na-experience ang makapag-suot ng ganitong kalumang sinturon pang-kaligtasan para sa boobs. Lol!

vintage bra3

Kalurkey! This reminds me of my late mother dear. Tandang-tanda ko pa ang mga vintage bra kasi ganito lahat ang style na suot-suot niya. Ang tulis!

Kelangan lisensyado, mga ateng!

Josko! Pag nagsuot ako neto ngayon…hindi naman kaya hanapan ako ng lisensya? License to wear deadly weapon!

May nagsusuot pa ba ng ganitong bra ngayon?

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Thieves Target: Middle Class

I just read this at the UK’s Daily Mail news online this morning: Middle class and semi-detached houses are now the favorite target for thieves.

Burglars are no longer eyeing the properties of the posh people in London because according to them, their valuables are more difficult to find because of too many rooms they have in their house. Hmnn…talk about laziness of the those thieves. Lol!

As one burglar said: “There’s no point in going for rich houses because they’ve only got the same stuff as ordinary houses, but it’s harder to find because there are more rooms and they have better security.” Makes sense to me.

If that is so, perhaps it’s high time for owners of the middle class houses to be cautious and better install reliable home automation for more security. Well, better safe than sorry.


summertanAs Holy Week approaches, the pressure to reduce weight and be sexy is on. Many for sure will spend their Holy Week at the beach. I just hope that those ladies who struggle to look good on their bikini will not resort to drastic move of taking unsafe weight loss supplements.

Speaking of diet supplements, Sensa is one of the popular that gathered media attention. Some say that sensa is a weight loss scam, others says it is not effective. Well, it is not really for me to tell. I think I will just let Sensa users tell about the truth and its effectiveness.

For Motorcycle Riders

motorcycle accident I understand why men preferred motorcycle as their choice of transport in commuting to work. For one, a motorcycle is the ideal way to beat traffic jam especially in big cities of Metro Manila. However, with more and more cars hitting the roads every day, inexperienced drivers, road rage and confusing road layouts, it is inevitable that accidents will happen.

If you have been involved in an accident and have further questions about damages, consult a personal injury attorney who handles motorcycle cases immediately. You need lawyers (lawyers such as personal injury attorneys tucson of Arizona). I just don’t know how many personal injury lawyers we have here in the Philippines. But it is really wise to leave the legal matters to a professional who can make your claims easier.