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  1. Hi Maru!

    Long time no hear. He, he. But as usual, I am updated with all your blogs. In the old days, the people from Calapan, where I hail from, would take a wooden boat to Batangas just so we could reach Manila. There were no RoRo’s at that time, and the Super Cats for that matter. The trip would take three hours, sometimes five when there are engine troubles. As compared to 45 minutes nowadays. But passengers do not seem to mind. Everything was quite relaxing…the sea, the birds, the mountains…and all the other gamut of scenery. Grandfathers would talk about ‘Don’t worry if we miss the boat this time, there will always be one next week!’ But nowadays, if we miss the elevator, curses are at hand! Why is it that we are so much in a hurry. Hurry for what? Shouldn’t we ‘enjoy’ life as much as we can while we still have the chance?

    There used to be a father and son in Japan who were traders. They would plant all kinds of vegetables in their small farm land, raise chickens, hogs and all kinds of ‘tradable’ products. And once a week, they would gather whatever is available and go to the market to sell their produce in exchange for a worthy sum. The son was always impatient. He wanted to get things done and over with as quickly as possible. Well, one day, they were on their usual trip to the city carrying loads and loads of goods to be traded. The father, patient and wise as he was, would from time to time, stop and smell the flowers, stop to enjoy a scenery, stop to watch the clouds. And the son was quite furious saying that, ‘Why are you doing this, Father? Why waste so much time? We have goods to trade and they might spoil if we do not hurry.’

    But the father would not listen. He was quite by himself…just taking his own sweet time to enjoy life itself and whatever any particular day would offer him. He did not care if they were late for an appointment. There were no schedules during those days anyway. You arrive if and when you can to any destination. But the son was always looking for ways to make their trip as quick as possible so that they could do their business and get on with their lives…make more money…make more money…and more…at all cost.

    They were overlooking the city at last…yet the father would still take his usual slow and calculated steps. The son was about to complain again when BOOM…a deafening sound filled their ears! From a safe distance, they saw the destruction of Hiroshima from an atomic bomb dropped by the B52 Bomber Enola Gay of the United States Navy! Had the father not taken his time in reaching the city just as the son so impatiently asked him to, they would have been part of the more than 70,000 casualties that day!

    Ano kaya ang dahilan that I mentioned to you the above paragraphs? Bigla ko kasing naalala, stop and smell the flowers. Yun lang! He, he.

    Kind regards,


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