SMS Jokes 2011-195

BOY: “Miss, may ipagtatapat ako sayo..”
GIRL: “Ano naman yun?”
BOY: “Eto oh… nakatapat na!”

Pasosyal na girl sa bus..
GIRL: “Manong, can you get my bagahe please? It’s like mabigat kasi eh.”
KONDUKTOR: “Alin dito miss?”
GIRL: “There oh! Yong SAKO! Please paki ingat lang kasi if it falls to da ground mahirap magpulot…


Thoughts To Ponder:

“Kung sawa ka na sa paligid mong sobrang ingay,
subukan mong pumasok sa kabaong at manahimik habang buhay.”

Miriam Santiago challenged the least intelligent senator to a televised debate. To make things interesting, She says that every time she asks Lito Lapid a question which he cant answer, he has to pay her P500. But if he asks her a question which she can’t answer, she has to give him P5,000.

She asks the 1st question: “What’s the distance from the earth to the moon?”

He doesn’t say a word, reaches for his wallet, pulls out P500 & hands to her. Now, its his turn.

He asks her: “What goes up a hill with 3 legs, & comes down with 4?”

She looks at him with puzzled look. After 1 hour, she admits defeat & give him P5000. She demands an answer from him. Without a word, he pulls out his wallet & gives her P500.

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May 8: Mother’s Day

Soon it will be month of May. It is going to be Mother’s Day again!

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday each May. For this year, the mom’s special day will be on May 8. One thing for sure, flower shops and online florist like Greensboro flower delivery will be flooded again with orders!

I know many people tend to forget how much their mom does for them on a daily basis and forget to thank and show their appreciation on a regular basis. Take the opportunity to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her. Buy her gift, send her flowers, take her out to fine dining resto, cook for her, treat her to SPA, these are just of the several things you can do to make the holiday special to your mom.

I wonder what my kids are planning on the 8th of May.:D

I Need To Be Healthy Always

be healthy I envy people who have medicare supplement plans. Why? It’s simply because I don’t have one. Of course, I am aware the importance and need of having a medical insurance. I do wish I have one even with the cheapest policy only, to at least have something to cover me and take care of my medical expenses in the case of emergency. As for now, with no medicare plan to rely on, I just strive harder to take more care of my wellness, my health in order for me not to get sick.