SMS Jokes 2011-195

BOY: “Miss, may ipagtatapat ako sayo..”
GIRL: “Ano naman yun?”
BOY: “Eto oh… nakatapat na!”

Pasosyal na girl sa bus..
GIRL: “Manong, can you get my bagahe please? It’s like mabigat kasi eh.”
KONDUKTOR: “Alin dito miss?”
GIRL: “There oh! Yong SAKO! Please paki ingat lang kasi if it falls to da ground mahirap magpulot…


Thoughts To Ponder:

“Kung sawa ka na sa paligid mong sobrang ingay,
subukan mong pumasok sa kabaong at manahimik habang buhay.”

Miriam Santiago challenged the least intelligent senator to a televised debate. To make things interesting, She says that every time she asks Lito Lapid a question which he cant answer, he has to pay her P500. But if he asks her a question which she can’t answer, she has to give him P5,000.

She asks the 1st question: “What’s the distance from the earth to the moon?”

He doesn’t say a word, reaches for his wallet, pulls out P500 & hands to her. Now, its his turn.

He asks her: “What goes up a hill with 3 legs, & comes down with 4?”

She looks at him with puzzled look. After 1 hour, she admits defeat & give him P5000. She demands an answer from him. Without a word, he pulls out his wallet & gives her P500.

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