SMS Jokes 2011-218

GORIO: “Anong hayop ang nagsisimula sa letrang "X?"
JUAN:  “Meron ba yun?”
GORIO: “Meron.”
JUAN: “Eh, ano?”
GORIO: “X-wife ko! Hayop yun! Inubos ang pera ko!.”

“Hindi lang ang mga in love ang pwedeng kiligin…
…ang mga umiihi din.”

OLD MAN: “Doc, I’m so upset. I’ve lost one of my hearing aids. Those things cost a couple of thousand a piece.”
DOCTOR: “I think I know where you can find it. You’ve got a suppository in your ear.”

WIFE: “You have changed after our marriage.”
HUSBAND: “I told you before our marriage that I’m not interested in married women!”

QUESTION: Why is a blow job a win/lose situation?
ANSWER: You may have her on her knees but she has you by the balls!

A man’s testicles manufactures ten million sperm cells each day… enough to repopulate the earth in only six months! NAMAN!

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