Thursday Humor

Courtesy of MIKE

by: GMA & FG
(with apologies to F. Sinatra)

And now, my end is near and so
I face the nation’s judgment.

My friends, I say it clear, I have my case and it’s impending.
I’ve lived a lie that’s full and gained from deals from every high way.
0h yes, I stole a lot and did it my way.

Secrets, I had a few, two leaky boobs of false dimension.
I did what I had to do, Garci saw it thru without exemption.
To think I did all that and may I say not in a shy way.

O yes, I screwed you all and did it my way!

Kinanta mo, noh? Aminin!

Si Tikyo nag text sa kanyang parents:
"Hello Pa, Ma. Sorry i keep on asking for money from you. I am so ashamed but i really need P1000. I wanted to cancel this txt msg & I prayed to God that I will not send it anymore but it’s too late."

A few hours later, naka receive sya ng reply from his father:
"Your prayers were answered. We did not receive your message."  

JUAN:"DOk, tulungan nyo ko sa problema ko, di ko maalala ang mga sinasabi ko!" DOK:"Kelan pa nagsimula ang problemang ito?"
JUAN:"Aling problema?"

GURO:"Class, ako ang magiging adviser ninyo sa taong ito. Sino sa inyo ang nakakaalam ng name ko?"
ESTUDYANTE: "Mam, first day pa lang po, quiz agad?"

Lasing, na-curfew si Andoy.
PULIS:"Saan ka pupunta sa ganitong oras ng gabi?"
ANDOY:"Makikinig po ng sermon!"
PULIS:"Sa simbahan?"
ANDOY:"Sa mrs ko po!"

LOLO:iho malalim ba ang ilog na to?
BATA:"Hindi po!"
LOLO:(tumawid at muntik malunod) "Sabi mo hindi malalim?"
BATA:"Nakatawid po kasi yung bibe!"

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Travel Light

images Most people overpack when going on a trip because they think that they will wear all the clothes they are bringing. Well, not me. I think I already have learned my lesson from my previous trips – to travel light and not to overpack.

Just like the last time I went out of the country, I brought only few pieces of clothes just enough to fit all in my ever-reliable backpack, and let alone the space my small trolley bag for souvenirs only to bring home. Check the highlighted link for wide array of hiking backpacks – REACH selection

True, travelling light with less stuffs means greater mobility, eliminates checked extra baggage and above all it is hassle-free.