DIY Project: Window Treatment & Oven Mitt

Sa pagpapatuloy ng kinakarir kong Homemaking ek-ek, may bagong bihis ang bintana ko sa kusina gamit ulit ang mga retasong tela at mga naipon na ribbon.

DIYwindow treatment

Recycled ang red ribbons na yan mula sa mga bouquet of red roses na pinapadala dati sa akin ni Kups noon. Hmmmn..noon yun, ngayon kasi di na ako pinapadalhan. 🙁 *parinig.

DIY kitchen curtain kitchen

At may bagong mga oven mitt din ang Mamaru. Not only one but two! Siempre terno sa kurtina. 😀 Excited ako sa mga mittens ko kasi palagay ko at hindi na talaga ako mapapaso pa ng oven pag nagbe-bake. Kinapalan ko rin ang insulation cloth nyan sa loob, panigurado.

DIY oven mittens

For the step by step tutorial and oven mitt pattern, check this site.

DIY oven mitt DIY oven mitt




“Sa isang relasyon, kapag walang tiwala, siguradong GIBA.”

SMS Jokes 2011-231

** Courtesy of Mike

Tanong: Saan byahe ng Victory Liner?
Sagot: Baguio!

Tanong: Saan byahe ng G-Liner?
Sagot: Quiapo!

Tanong: Saan byahe ng Panty Liner?
Sagot: Sa langit!

Pacman and Paris
Cong. Pacman had dinner with heiress Paris Hilton Tuesday night. Sources say Pacman discussed his stance on poverty, reproductive health, divorce and religion. The heiress was surprised. Pacman has more POSITIONS than her.

GIRL: "I’m a natural blonde."
MAN: "Show me pussy proof."

WIFE: "You say I look old but one of your friends still praises me!"
HUSBAND: "Must be Juan!"
WIFE: "Yes, but how did you know?"
HUSBAND: "He is a junk dealer."

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Heavy Bed

I love the 1-year old bedroom bed that I have now (courtesy of Kups). However, it is too heavy, feels like it is as heavy of a sturdy high-quality hickory bed. It really frustrates me that I cannot just move it easily when I get bored and need new arrangement of furniture.

By the way, when rearranging, I usually don’t buy anything new for the room. I just move and change the position of the furniture and decorating items to allow me to create a new look of the room. I’m fond of reshuffling my bedroom, it simply gives me a whole new mood.

Men Of Noble Profession

firefighters Whenever I hear fire news on TV, initially the report would the focus on the victims, the casualties, the range of damaged property and what caused the fire. Very seldom that reports will mention appreciation or give honor to firefighters who risk their lives just to put off the blaze. Well, I know it’s their task to fight fires, to prevent destruction of life and property.

Firefighters, they drag those heavy industrial rubber hose, climb high ladders and carry people from buildings. Carrying those heavy things, the chance of being burned, crushed or killed are only a few of the risks that firefighters face at each call they respond to. The task of a firefighter is not an easy job indeed. I hope more honor, recognition and compensation will be given to these men of a noble profession, like the firefighters.

Giving Gift To Men

I know there’s no such "perfect" gift out there that will please every man, however, check this site if looking for personalized items or football gifts for someone who is a football enthusiast.

Anyway, in giving gift to men, bear in mind that men like to feel special, too. So, give him a thoughtful gift that will make him feel loved and supported. In finding something that HE wants and that HE’s interested in, online is truly a great place to get gift ideas for men.