Wednesday Humor 01.18.12

**Courtesy of Mike

tender-care-soap  Paano magpasaya ng babae:
1. Lambingin
2. Suyuin
3. Halikan
4. Patawanin
5. Unawain
6. Ingatan
7. Mahalin
Eh ang lalake, paano mapasaya? Wala.
SEX lang talaga!

safeguard-soapQUESTION: What is a Psychiatrist?
ANSWER: A qualified person who gives you an expensive and critical analysis about yourself, which your spouse gives you for free, daily!

Seven Stages of Women’s Life:
1. Infant
2. Baby
3. Miss
4. Very young woman
5. Young woman
6. Young woman
7. Young woman

Advantages of being a man:
1. People never glance at your chest while you’re talking to them.
2. Your ass is never a factor in job interview.
3. You can eat a banana in public.
4. The world is your urinal.
and the best one,
5. You can buy condoms without the pharmacist imagining you naked..

Height of Flirting:
GAL: "I don’t like the way you keep staring at me!"
GUY: "And I love the way you notice me doing that!"

Ang Lalaking Malibog
Parang Tetris
Patong Lang Nang Patong

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