Saturday Humor 02.04.12

**Courtesy of Mike


Women’s Valentine’s Preparation List:
Get hair done
Get new makeup
Buy new bra
Get new dress
Manicure & pedicure

Men’s Valentine’s Preparation List:
Buy Condoms

Mga PAMALIT sa nakasanayang PAGMUMURA:
1. “Full tank naman, eh!”
2. “Gatas ng ina mo!”
3. “Kinang n’yan!”
4. “Full tank enough!”
5. “Anak ng pizza naman o!”
6. “Talentado ka, ha?”

Sa isang sosyal na hotel sa U.S., tumawag ng room service si Mommy Dionesia..
MOMMY D: “Give me some pepper!”
HOTEL CLERK: “Black pepper, green pepper or red pepper?”
MOMMY D: “No! Twelet pepper!”

Kumakanta si misis habang naliligo..
MISTER: “Babe, dapat sumali ka sa contest sa TV.”
MISIS: “Yung pilipinas got talent?”
MISTER: “Hindi, biggest loser!”

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Cellular Shades

Instead of blinds, someday I want some cellular shades be installed in our living area windows. Cellular shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades is the newest trend in window coverings according to one website in the internet. It looks neat, stylish, simple, but elegant. I have seen the actual display of the shades in one home depot here in my city and I like it. Cellular shades is energy efficient, durable, light weight, and easy to install.