It Is Inevitable

real women Who says that menopause happens to women only? It happens to men too! Yes Virginia, the male menopause is real and it does similar things to men as menopause does to women. However, this is not my time to write about male menopause. 😛

By the way, I’m so amused. Of all the topics in the world, I wonder why on earth I was assigned to say something about the menopause? Hehe! It’s not that I hate to talk about it. Apparently I am not menopausal yet and I hardly think about it. FYI, I’m quite far from it yet. 😀

Well, I know my time will come and just like any aging woman, I will face menopausal. I know my menstrual period will stop and my ovary will permanently stop releasing eggs. But, I don’t think I should worry about it when all I have to do is to embrace when the inevitable occurs. I don’t think I will feel like I won’t be a real woman anymore when it happens to me. After all, it is part of the aging process of every woman. 

I know most women dreaded this so-called "mid-life change or experience". The suffering in the effects of changing hormones, hot flashes and discomfort was much feared by many women. Well, gone are the days where such symptoms was much feared by many women. Today’s many inventions of supplemental products like Amberen can help alleviate menopausal problems. If interested to know about the product, read more about it at or Like Amberen and get deals Amberen on Facebook.

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