Morning Reading

Hindi lahat ng leksyon sa buhay ay natututunan sa loob ng klasroom.

Hindi lahat ng sikat at mga nagtagumpay sa buhay ay nakapag-aral.


My morning reading habang nagkakape + pandesal…

Pasintabi sa mga guro. 🙂


Tutoring Needed

Source: Dylan Morris, writer

Teach me teacher, I ask.
Teach me the ropes of knowledge that will lead me to success,
Teach me how to cope in the modern age and nothing less,
Teach me how to enjoy myself and to stay calm with what is happening,
Teach me teacher, teach me, because with this current education system I am not happy.

I have a few questions for you teacher I hope that could help me:
The first of which, is what will make me successful?
Is it through filling my head with facts to write down for a three hour exam?
Or is it through inspiring my mind where I believe that anything I want to achieve, I can?
Is it through accepting mediocrity because I’m not passionate about my school work?
Or through creative individuality because loving something I do is the best perk?

Sittin’ in class, watching that clock tick…
Because my current teacher is boring these students to bits.
As a teacher, I wouldn’t stop the kid from sketching on his page, from writing a poem,
From kicking a football, or discovering the unknown,
I try in every single test, just to find out that 100,000 kids got the same grade on the exam,
To turn on the T.V. and see people starving in Africa and nobody has brains to figure out the problems in Afghanistan.
Yet, we still learn to tackle problems like to solve for ‘X’.
How did we get so naive to believe that the bubble of knowledge in what’s presented in school is the only resources we have to success?

The answer is simple; we just have to look,
Because the only knowledge we have ever been taught is the ones that we have wrote learn from a book.
Now we need to change our ways before our generation gets old,
Someone help because school doesn’t prepare us for our biggest test of them all which is survival- which you’ll never be told.

Teach me teacher- teach me.
Teach me your ways, the exam says I need a tutor and to study for days.

So if I don’t follow what’s logical does that make it wrong, and if this poem was a song, do you think Steve Jobs would sing along? If experience teaches me I will listen,
Because I’m sick of being a slave to the education system.

So now I’ve come to the conclusion,
That higher education is just an illusion,
Because it comes at the expense of experience: the most brutal teacher that I’ll need to overcome,
So teach me teacher and I’ll apply that knowledge into wisdom.

Let’s teach our generation to pursue what they love and what makes them happy, to learn from experience, not from facts that our current teacher is teaching us.

“Education is when someone is willing to spend time learning about something- not because their teacher, parents, friends, or exam has made them- but simply because they enjoy what they’re doing”

— Dylan Morris

Aspire to inspire before we expire ❤

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