Monday Humor 03.02.15


TEACHER: “Bakit late ka, Juan?”
JUAN: “Late po kasi relo ko.”
TEACHER: “E di i-advance mo!”
*Umalis si Juan*
TEACHER: “San ka pupunta Juan!?”
JUAN: “Ma’am, Uwian na po!”

BOY: “Alam mo para kang floor wax.”
GIRL: “Bakit naman?”
BOY: “Kasi mahal Kita eh. Ops, sorry nadulas ako.”

One rainy day at work, one of my colleagues, Tom, came across from the other side of the building to ours. To start a conversation, another colleague, Maria, asked, “Is it raining heavily outside?” Without expression, Tom said, “Sorry I did not carry a weighing scale.”

TANONG: Ano daw yung apelyido ni Wendy?
SAGOT: Eh di RECTION. Wendy Rection

A cop called his precinct.
“Hello, 6th precinct?”
“This is James. I have a case. A woman shot her husband for stepping on a floor that she just mopped clean.”
“Did you arrest her?”
“No… The floor is still wet.”

TANONG: Anong tawag sa Chinese na lumpo?
SAGOT: Eh di Lumpong Shanghai.

MCDO: “Balita ko bakla ka daw?”
JOLLIBEE: “Ulol! E sino kaya sa atin naka make-up?”

TEACHER: “Class, you have 30 minutes to write a composition on baseball.”
JOHN: “Here’s my paper.”
TEACHER: “John, you only spent a minute writing your essay. Let’s hear what you wrote.”
JOHN: “Game called off on account of rain.”

Yan yung pag gusto mong sabihin sa ‘yo ang totoo. “Tell me the throat.”

minsan kahoy,
minsan trabaho,
minsan pepe :p



“Be fearless! Fart as loud as your anus will allow!”

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