Mother Nature’s Ideal Rug – The Cowhide

There are many beautiful ways to cover a floor, from woven rugs to sheepskin to patterned throw rugs. There’s no question, however, about the truly gorgeous impact of cowhide rugs in a room. The gentle, natural beauty of a cow’s hide gives a room an incredible texture and visual appeal that goes far beyond the utilization of an area rug. A cowhide rug comes from nature, and that’s what makes it such a beautiful way to round out a room’s look and add rustic appeal.


Mother Nature certainly doesn’t fool around when it comes to making things. The fact is, a well-made, manufactured woven rug may last a long time and hold up well with wear, but it will never compare to the way a rug made from natural cowhide does.

Cowhide comes from nature, and these hides are made to last. The other wonderful feature of a natural cowhide is the way it wears over time. An old hide will become more textured and interesting as time goes on. No matter how many feet may pass over a cowhide, it will retain its looks and truly natural beauty. It will also become softer to the touch.


When most people think of cowhide, they think of the classic black and white cow design. While this look is indeed beautiful, the fact is that natural hide comes in many different patterns, all of which are gorgeous. Let’s take a look at the many colors and patterns of cowhide, and how they can add natural beauty to a room’s decor.


Cowhide pieces are available in all white, which is a timeless look in a room that accents any style of decor. The white hide is a look that can blend well with rustic furniture or antiques, yet it also goes beautifully with sleek modern decor. Now that is versatility.

Cowhides can be dyed and decorated to add a stunning touch to a room. A zebra-dyed cowhide is a fabulous look in a room that adds a very exotic feel. Some decorators even like to take the look up a further notch, and add metallic touches to cowhide, for a fabulous 1960s feel.


The natural patterns from cowhide also have incredible beauty and versatility. Natural hides can be found in patterns of brown caramel or brown and white, or in speckled combinations of white, black and brown. Lighter toned natural hides add a touch of subtle glamour to a room. These hides are beautiful in room with light toned furnishings or antique pieces.


There’s no question that a cowhide piece will hold up for years of wear. Simply shaking out a hide outside is good maintenance, and hides can be vacuumed as long as they are treated gently, with a low powered vacuum. A little steam cleaning is also okay, but again, the process must be gentle. Hides should never be washed in a washing machine.

There’s no question that cowhide is a great choice for an area rug. These rugs offer incredible versatility, durability and a natural beauty that can’t be equalled by manmade rugs.

Gutter Matter

Photo credit: Google

Photo credit: Google

I’m planning to have our very old roof sidings and damaged gutters be repaired and replaced before the year 2015 ends.

While browsing the net for some tips and references on home improvement, glad that I encountered Columbus roofing companies. I know that it’s never easy to decide when to undertake a home improvement project, but again I am glad that by just reading about the said company (Columbus roofing), I came to learn some helpful stuff to think about in replacing our home’s gutter system.

Over time, due to wear and tear and lacks routine maintenance, our home gutter system has started to fail. Our original gutters are no longer straight. They are rusty therefore leaks during rainy season can already be found. In short, our gutter have deteriorated beyond repair and needs an immediate attention.

Of course, I am aware that gutters are extremely important for our home’s overall condition. I know that the installation is not as simple as nailing the new gutter to the fascia board and that’s it. The installation needs a lot of knowledge and experience that is why consulting and hiring professionals for assistance  for companies like Columbus roofing – must be considered.

I hate hiring workers who take shortcuts and very impolite. I can tell that by just reading the positive testimonials from the satisfied clients of the above-mentioned company, they can guarantee a worry-free experience, quality workmanship on installing gutters and other roofing matters with its trained professional workers.

If only a few sections of our gutters needs replacement, how I wish I could just ask my grown up nephew to take care of it with his own might. However, since our guttering system badly needs an overhaul, it is definitely wise to just hire professionals from a company that warranties its work.

Wednesday Humor 05.14.14

5-13-2014 7-26-07 PM

Mga senyales na tumatanda na ang lalaki:
1. Lumalayo ang paningin, lumalapit ang pag ihi.
2. Nakaupo’y inaantok, nakahiga di mkatulog.
3. Natatandaan angnakaraan, limot ang kasalukuyan.
4. May naisip ang itaas, walang magawa ang ibaba.
5. Dati, matigas na nghihintay, ngayon nghihintay kong kelan titigas!

A man was complaining to an airport manager, “What’s the use of a plane schedule if the planes are always late?”
The manager replied, “How would we know they are late if we didn’t have a schedule?”

A man discovered an old lamp on a beach. He rubbed it and a genie popped out. The genie said, “I will grant you three wishes. The only condition is that you cannot wish for more wishes.”
said the man, “I wish for more genies.”

LALAKE: “Alam mo, lumakas ka!”
BABAE:  “Hah? Ano lumakas? Strength ko ba?”
LALAKE: “Hindi.”
BABAE: “Eh ano?”
LALAKE: “Lumakas PUTOK mo.”

Visiting the modern art museum, a lady turned to an attendant standing nearby. “This,” she said, “I supposed, is one of the hideous representations you call modern art?”
“No, ma’am,”
replied the attendant. “That one’s called a mirror.”

BF: “Sweetheart, kiss mo naman ako sa bayaG!”
GF:” Ang bastos mo naman!”
BF: “Hindi ah! Ang sabi ko,
“Kiss mo ako SABAY HUG!”
Oh, anonG bastos doon?”

At a trial…
HUSBAND: “Your Honor, my wife is just being ridiculous. Most women would love to have a husband who still believes in chivalry and I was only opening the door for her out of chivalry.”
JUDGE: “Sir, I am granting the separation. I cannot believe chivalry was your motivation while driving at 100 kph.”

After 22 yrs of budget living & forced savings…
HUSBAND: “Honey, finally we have saved enough to buy the BMW we started saving for in 1992.”
WIFE: “Is it the latest BMW?”
HUSBAND: “No.. its a ’92 model.”

1. Sugar
2. Honey
3. Flour
4. Egg
5. 1/2lb butter
6. Stir
7. Pour into pan
8. Preheat to 375°

Nauso lang ang camera360, pati ang ulam di pinatatawad ng mga ibang tao. Ano gusto nilang i-comment natin?
“Uy, ang kinis naman nung tuyo.”
“Pumuputi yata yung champorado mo ah.”

Dear Ladies,
    Hindi naman talaga kami babaero. Pero bintang kayo nang bintang. Naririnig pa ng mga kaibigan, kamaganak at kapitbahay.   
    Kaya napipilitan na lang kami mambabae kasi ayaw namin kayo mapahiya.

BABAE: “Napakadami mong babae! Sabihin mo nga sakin, sino ba talaga ang laman ng puso mo?”
LALAKE: “Malay ko, ikaw lagi may dala eh.”

Hindi ka maganda, malaki lang ang boobs mo.
Isa kang susogenic.
Tandaan: Ang cleavage ay sandata ng pangit.


**All of the above jokes courtesy of MIKE.




“Mabait kapag tulog. Tahimik kapag busog. Ganyan ka.“

Monday Humor 04.07.14


Nagkita sa heaven ang kaluluwa ng isang GRO at ng madre…
MADRE: “Di ba GRO ka noong nabubuhay ka pa?”
GRO: “Opo sister.”
MADRE: “Bakit andito ka sa langit?”
GRO: “Kasi nagsisi ako ng malapit na akong mamatay.”
MADRE: “Tsk tsk tsk kung alam ko lang nag enjoy na lang sana ako…”

WIFE: “What are you doing?”
HUSBAND: “Nothing.”
WIFE: “Nothing..? You’ve been reading our marriage certificate for in hour?”
HUSBAND: “I was looking for the expiration date.”

Picture Taking 101
1. Pag gusto mong gumanda at mapansin sa picture, tumabi ka sa mas panget sa yo.
2. Pag mataba ka, huwag kang pupuwesto sa dulo. Magmumukha kayong BBQ.
3. Huwag kang magpabango, hindi yan maamoy na mga titingin ng pictures niyo.
4. Wag masyado sa pulbos. Baka pagkamalan kang member ng jabbowackezz.
5. Pag panget ka, bawal mag selfie sa gabi. Baka akalain ng mga tao, bagong poster ng horror movie. Undin 3D.
6. Pag payat ka, huwag kang gigitna sa dalawang mataba. Magmumukha kayong Jolly Hotdog.
7. Iwasan magdala ng cam. Magiging taga picture ka lang at taga upload.

A priest was always telling senators and congressmen about heaven.
“Why don’t you tell us about hell?” asked one solon.
“There’s no point… you’ll see it yourselves.”

WIFE: “Dear, bakit dati gustong-gusto mo akong pinapanood habang naliligo?”
HUSBAND: “Kasi dati pag pinanood kita tumatayo birdie ko.”
WIFE: “Bakit ngayon ayaw mo na?”
HUSBAND: “Kasi ngayun pag nakita kitang nakahubad, balahibo ko na ang tumatayo!”

COP: “Do you know how fast you were going?”
DRIVER: “I was trying to keep up with the traffic.”
COP: “There’s no traffic.”
DRIVER: “That’s how far behind I am.”

What is the difference between a magician and a politician in Manila?
The magician returns your watch at the end of the performance.

SPORTCASTER: “Manny, in your boxing career, who hit you d hardest?”
MANNY: “Hmm…ang pina kamatindi ay si Kim Henares ng BIR bai, lakas tumira!”

1. Marriage is like espionage, you sleep with the enemy.
2. What is the fastest means of funds transfer? Just say the words ” I do ” and presto, everything is transferred.

“I have a bad headache. I’ll visit the doctor.”
“Nonsense, yesterday, I dashed home, gave a kiss to my wife and the pain disappeared. Why don’t you try it?”
“Good idea! Call up your wife and tell her I’ll be right over.”

BOY: “Hi, Miss! Pwede ba manligaw?”
GIRL: “Haii pohh, bvhAqit kuAh pohh muanliLigaW?”
BOY: “Ay, joke lang. Di ka mabiro!”

**All of the above jokes courtesy of MIKE.




“Ingatan mo yung taong palabiro, palatawa at mapang-asar. Kadalasan kasi sila yung pinakamasarap magmahal.”

Tips on Welcoming a New Dog Into the Family

dogThey’re sweet, loving, and absolutely irresistible. Whether you’re meeting dogs at your local animal shelter or through a reputable breeder, it’s hard not to fall in love with more than one puppy or dog. Sometimes a dog may even find you: Animal lover Michael J. Knapp, for example, says a stray dog worked her way into his family home and heart.

Bringing home a new furry family member is a sweet and joyful experience. However, that experience can quickly turn a little sour if the dog chews up your things, messes up your carpet, keeps you up all night or just flat-out refuses to obey you. Even the most kind-hearted and loving of pet owners may wonder if they’ve made a serious mistake.

If welcoming a new dog into your family isn’t going the way you expected, don’t despair. In most cases, these problems can be solved. Here are some dog facts in mind:

Dogs often seem to pull bait-and-switches: She was so shy in the crate, and so sweet on the first day. Then on the second day, she starts getting into everything and tearing up the house. What happened? It’s pretty simple, really: Your dog’s sudden “personality change” means she’s become comfortable with you, and sees your home as a safe and welcoming place where she’s free to be herself. Just like people, dogs have complex personalities and their fair share of quirks. She’s still a sweet puppy; she’s just showing you more of her spunky side.

Puppies are very much like toddlers: If you’ve adopted a, you’ve likely discovered that they are curious, sassy, mischievous and determined to have things their way. They teethe, test their limits and have trouble with toilet training. Dealing with a puppy is very much like dealing with a very young human. Dogs, too, will grow out of this stage so long as you provide proper puppy training.

Dogs need care and companionship:

Dogs require a lot of care, attention and guidance. You need to spend a lot of time teaching your pooch where to potty, what to chew on, how to play nice and how to have good puppy manners. Even the sweetest, most naturally well behaved of dogs will need some guidance.

The better trained your dog, the less frustration he will give you, the more well liked he will be and the more you will enjoy his company. But even the most well-trained dogs still have some personality. There are no promises that you won’t catch them napping luxuriously in your off-limits bed when you come home early. But that’s part of their charm.

Dogs are loyal: You would be hard pressed to find a more loyal, grateful or loving pet than a dog. Give them the training and help they need when they’re young, and you’ll earn yourself a wonderful companion. Michael J. Knapp knows this well: The stray dog who wandered into the family yard one day is now a cherished family member and a wonderful pet.

Home Alone

Bago ang lahat (ako lang ang luma), lemme greet each one of you – Pi Nyo Yer! 

Home alone ang peg ni Mamaru since Christmas Day kasi ang unico hijo at unica hija ko ay sa Maynila nagpasko at nag bagong taon kasama ang ibang miyembro ng angkan ko.


Eh oks lang naman sa akin na naiwan akels sa mansyones ko. Hindi talaga ako pwedeng umalis. Walang magbabantay sa mga gold bars ko dito sa bahay. Charot.

Sa totoo lang, hindi naman ako nalungkot na naiwan mag-isa. Siguro dahil sa may katotohanan talaga ang kasabihan na ang taong marunong o natutong na mag-isa sa buhay ay bomalabs ng maging vulnerable sa kalungkutan ng basta basta. Kumbaga, I maybe alone but I’m not lonely (wow, englishment!). Sanay ng mag isa ang Mamaru! Hihi.

Heniwey, nagpa-deliver na lang ako ng pork lauriat ng Chowking kagabi para sa media noche ko.

At mag-isang tomoma-toma ng “pulang suka” hanggang naghating-gabi.


Sa totoo lang, paano naman ako malulungkot kung etong mga nilalang na’to ang mga kasama ko sa bahay ngayon.


Ang cuculit nila!

Hindi ko na nakuhang manood ng fireworks sa labas ng bahay kagabi dahil nagsiksikan na ang mga alaga ko sa akin dahil sa takot sa mga paputok. Tawang-tawa ako sa mga fez nila. 😀



“Do not live your life by the standards of other people dahil di masaya yun.”

Wednesday Humor 09.18.13


Dear Ka Nur,
Maraming salamat po sa kooperasyon. Tatanawin kong malaking utang na loob ang ginawa niyong yan sa Zamboanga City. Salamat po ulit.
Janet Lim Napoles

Dear Gov. Misuari,
Perfect timing ka talaga. Saludo kami sa ginawa niyo. Huwag muna kayong umalis diyan. Keep it up!
Yours truly,
Pogi, Tanda, Kuya Sexy

Janet Napoles’s version of "MY WAY"

"And now, my end is near, & so I face the nation’s judgment.
My friends I say it clear I have my case & it’s impending.
I’ve lived the lie that’s full & gained from deals from every PDAF.
0h yes, I stole a lot & did it my way.
Secrets I had a few, 10 senators, 50 congressmen. I did what I had to do, PNOY saw it thru w/out exemption.
To think I did all that & may I say not in a shy way.
Oh yes,
I screwed you all & did it my way!"

It has been reported that each councilor in Quezon City receives forty million pesos in pork barrel funds each year.
And Janet Lim Napoles was like, "Syet, bakit hindi ako na-inform?"

MIRIAM: “Gusto ko ng mag suicide.”
JINGGOY: “Eh di mag suicide ka.”
ENRILE: “Tama mag suicide para la ng sira ulo sa senado.”
MIRIAM: “Umpisahan ko na mamaya pag kompleto na tayo. Mag suicide bomber ako para walang matira na tulisan dito.”
BONG: “Mam, huwag, hindi ko pa nakuha ang 70% ko kay Napoles”

PARE: “Mare, grabe ang handang pagkain sa kasal ng anak ni Pareng Anton. UNLIMITED ANG RICE WALANG ULAM!”

Ang tunay na lalake magaling lumandi sa mga babae.
Pero ang matinong lalake magaling lumandi sa nag-iisa niyang babae.

Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean.
GENTLEMEN: Your aim will help. Please stand closer, it’s shorter than you think.
LADIES: Please remain seated for the entire performance.

Men will always be eager to take women shopping..
If only women would take them to the fitting room while trying new clothes.

Virginity is the best Wedding gift a man could receive from his wife..

Pero sa panahon ngayon ginagawa na lang Anniversary Gift, Monthsary Gift o di kaya’y Birthday Gift. Minsan nga kahit walang okasyon basta trip lang.

HUSBAND: “Huwag ka nga magsalita ng ganyan, huhuhu..labs na labs kita!”
WIFE: “Give mo sa next wife mo ang mga damit ko para lagi mo akong maalaala pag suot niya.”
HUSBAND: “Huhuhu.. hindi pwede! XL ka, MEDIUM lang siya!”

MISIS: “Inday, nahahalata mo ba mga damit ng Sir mo? Laging may lipstick at amoy pabango ng babae!”
INDAY: “Oo nga po. Mukhang niloloko na TAYO ni kuya ah!”

**All of the above jokes courtesy of MIKE B.




“Pag ang lalaki nambabae sadyang manyak. Pag ang babae nanlalaki, malamang nagkulang ka.”

Thursday Humor 08.15.13

royal baby

TEACHER: “CLASS! anong bagyo ang pinakamalakas na sumalanta sa ating bansa?”
JUAN: “Ma’am! TUKSO po!”
TEACHER: “ANO? Bakit naman?”
JUAN: “Kasi MAAM (kumanta!) “Kay rami ng winasak na tahanan! Kay rami nang matang pinaluha”

Driver: “Bababa ba?”
Pinoy: “Bababa”
Foreigner: “Are you guys MINIONS?”

GIRL: “Sino yung ama ng Wikang Pambansa?
BOY: “Manuel L. Quezon”
GIRL: “Eh ano ung L?”
BOY: “Eh di yung dulo ng ManueL!

Teacher: “Juan!”
Juan: “Yes ma’am?”
Teacher: “Use ‘fact’ 3 times in a sentence.”
Juan: “As a matter of fact, birds cannot fly without a fact-fact.”

2 mag-textmate na mga badings sinadyang sa dilim mag eyeball para daw may surprise at di nila makita ang hitsura ng bawat isa. After making love in the dark:

Gay 1: “Thanks for the night! It’s awesome! Saan ka ba nakatira?”
Gay 2: “Sa Sampaloc.”
Gay 1: “Talaga? Taga Sampaloc din ako! San sa Sampaloc?”
Gay 2: “Sa Firmezaa St.”
Gay 1: “Wow, taga dun din ako. Anong house number?”
Gay 2: “# 23, sa Green na gate.”
Gay 1: “HA?! (Gulat na Gulat!) uhhhhhhhhhm… PABLO?”
Gay 2: “Tataaaaaaay?”

May dalawang magkapatid na batang lalake, isang 6 yrs old at isang 4 yrs old…
6YRS: “Alam mo dapat magsimula na tayong mag-mura kasi malaki na tayo.”
4YRS: “Oo nga. sige anong mura sasabihin natin?”
6YRS: “Puta’ ang sasabihin natin.”
4YRS: “Sige. tama.”
Tinawag sila ng nanay nila para mag-almusal
NANAY: “Ano ang gusto mong almusal?”
6YRS: “Puta gusto ko ng hotdog.”
Hinampas kaagad ng nanay sa ulo. lipad sa upuan at gumulong sa sahig ang bata sabay takbo na umiiyak…
NANAY: “Punyeta kang bata ka, pag inulit mo pa yan hindi lang yan ang aabutin mo sakin. (lingon sa mas bata) oh ikaw naman. Ano gusto mong almusal?
4YRS: (napapaisip)”Kahit ano ‘nay… pero puta ayoko ng hotdog.”

Wife: “Hon, good news buntis ako!”
Biglang nabadtrip ang lalaki.
Husband: “Anong good news don?
Wife: “Bakit hindi ka ba masaya sa magiging baby natin?”
Husband: “Paano ako magiging masaya? Nakalimutan mo na bang baog ako?”

Ex gf: “Can we be together again?”
Ex bf: “Sorry hindi na pwede.”
Ex gf: “Mahal parin kita.”
Ex bf: “Move on na, naka move-on na ako.”
Ex gf: “Sex tayo.”
Ex bf: “Joke lang. Mahal padin kita, Never kang nawala sa isip ko. Punta ka na dito sa bahay, ASAP! Iloveyousomuch! Imissyou.”

ANAK: “Itay bakit may umuusok pag nag-iinit tayo ng tubig? Evaporation yan no?”
TATAY: “Hindi anak. Mga kaluluwa yan ng germs, pumupunta na sa langit.”

BUNSO: “Ate, bakit bumabaha?”
ATE: “Dahil sa mga basura.”
BUNSO: “Ah… Akala ko dahil sa ulan.”

ANAK: “Tay, natinik ako ng isda”
AMA: “Heto ang saging, kagat ka tapos lunukin mo nang biglaan.”
ANAK: “Nandito pa rin Tay eh!”
AMA: “Heto pa and isa, kagat ka uli”
ANAK: “Eh hindi pa rin natatanggal eh.”
AMA: “Pambihira! Ibuka mo nga ang bibig mo at titignan ko.”
ANAK: (ngumanga) “Aahh”
AMA: “San ka ba natinik?”
ANAK: “Sa paa po.”
“Always wear your invisible crown.”

Friday Humor 07.12.13



Nakaka Highblood pala ang Kangkong..
Kahapon ang almusal namin ay adobong kangkong.
Nung tanghalian adobong kangkong uli.
“Wala na bang ibang ulam?” sabi ng Tatay.
“Wala na,” sagot naman ni Nanay.
Nung hapunan aba’y kangkong muli ang hinain ni Nanay. NAGALIT na si Tatay, NA-HIGHBLOOD siya dahil laging kangkong ang ulam.


Dear Ad agencies,
Not Everything men do is to impress women.
Men buy Bikes to commute and Deodorants to avoid Body Odor.
Men’s Association


Mga linya ng sinungaling na lalake:
1. Nandito lang ako sa bahay ng tropa
2. Hindi ko ipapasok.. pakiskis lang
3. Magpapahinga lang tayo sa motel, wala tayong gagawin
4. Ikaw ang pinakamasarap ka sex :p
Mga linya ng sinungaling na babae:
1. May tiwala ako sayo
2. Virgin pa ako
3. Ikaw ang una ko
4. Eww… titi… yuck !


Isang gabi, sumilip ang magkapatid sa kwarto ng parents nila.
Anak1: “Nag-aaaway na naman si nanay at tatay sa kama.”
Anak2: “Oo nga, pustahan tayo matatalo diyan si tatay.”
Anak1: “Bakit?”
Anak2: :Tingnan mo mabuti, labas na bituka oh!”
Anak1: “Hindi! talo diyan si nanay!”
Anak2: “Paano mo naman nasabi yan?”
Anak1: “Tingnan mo! ang laki ng hiwa oh!”


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