For Plus-Size Women

plus-size women Unlike before where plus-size women had very few swimsuit options to choose from, well, it is no longer a problem nowadays. Bigger-size women can already embrace a lot of swimwear choices that will show off their curves.

Voluptuous women, if you want to stand out at the beach or pool in stunning women’s plus size swimwear, take a look of women’s swimsuits plus size here . The site is guaranteed to have fashionable swimwear, flattering styles for a great look. Check it out!

Promise Ring?

What is your take on promise ring? Is it necessary to give your girlfriend this kind of ring?

A promise ring by the way, according to Wikipedia, is a pre-engagement ring, a ring worn to signify a commitment to a monogamous relationship. To be honest, when I think of promise rings, I think high school. Lol! In my opinion, a promise ring is more appropriate to be worn by younger people, like teenagers, who want to show commitment to someone they are going steady.

Harley D.

Harley Davidson Last night, I was checking the Facebook account of a friend when the posted cool photos of his bike caught my eyes. I did not know that he is a biker. Out of curiosity, I chatted him and asked how it feels to own such kinds of bike, a bike known for its quality, image and uniqueness. I told him that I am a fan of this brand that whenever this motorcycle bike roll down the road, I can’t help, but turn my head to get a second glance. I am referring to the most famous bike in the biking world, Harley Davidson.

Harley bikes are not cheap. Any spare parts for harley davidson are not cheap. Any Harley Davidson, no matter what model, I know owning one is a realization of a lifelong dream to some.

Anyway, my friend said biking is a passion and it is passion that led him to acquire Harley.

Bike Rack

bike rack My son used to have a mountain bike courtesy of my brother Evan. Well, it was not a brand new one, but just a hand me down bike. However, my son rarely rides on it until the storage space of the bicycle becomes a problem for us. During that time, I was not aware yet of the idea that I can actually keep, store or hang the bike using a rack that is a little bit similar to kuat bike racks from

Anyway, the bike is no longer with us. I decided to pass it over to my nephew who is more interested in bicycles than Kevin.

Bumping Into Old Friend

I am enjoying my moment flipping the glossy pages of the wholesale catalogs of the country’s most popular bookstore, the National Bookstore, when I saw my former neighbor, a close friend doing her early shopping of school supplies for her kids. I can say, nothing beats the surprise of casually bumping into an old friend on an ordinary afternoon.

We talked for a while in the middle of the mall: exchanging updates on our lives. It’s always nice to get in touch with old friends.

I don’t know why, but it was definitely great seeing her. Well, maybe I just missed her so much.

Hydro Massage

hydrotherapy_HealsThe next time I will go to my fave SPA clinic, I’m going to avail their newest offering – the jacuzzi hydrotherapy massage. I was able to take a peek of their new jacuzzi hot tub with hayward led pool light installed and I find it so cool and inviting. I promised myself that I am going to try it on my next visit.I look forward to having my ME time soon and avail the hot tub experience.

Old Mats


While cleaning my son’s bedroom yesterday, I finally found my two pieces of rolled-up yoga mats here at home just collecting dust in a closet corner. I’ve been looking for these for quite some time already. I love my yoga mats and there is no way that I will give nor throw these things away even if I don’t use them frequently coz both mats has sentimental value to me.

Anyway, maybe I should start going back on the mat. I mean from now on, will use it more often, and do some bending and stretching again every day.

Bye Multiply

multiplylogo My cousin is online and currently looking for a new unlocked samsung cellphone unit. Am about to refer her to the same merchant where I bought my cellphone unit in last February.  However,, the social-networking-site-turned-online-marketplace has already ceased their operation last May 6, 2013. Again, the end of another website. Can’t help but I feel sad to see them go, really.

Wall Fountain

I had my "me time" the other day. It’s been quite a while that I haven’t gone to my fave spa clinic and I’m a bit surprised to the renovation the clinic had done in the reception area. They have a newly installed wall fountain. So awesome! The design is almost identical with what I saw at for a wall fountain. Anyway, it’s always a great feeling going to the spa and spend an hour of body rejuvenation. I really should do it at least once a month.

More Classy, Much Cooler

Just finished reading about cigars and cigar reviews online.

cigarIn earlier years, cigars are usually set as much more sophisticated looking than cigarettes and are a sign of power and wealth. Anyway, maybe it’s just me but, frankly speaking, me too, I find smoking cigars are a helluva lot cooler than cigarettes. Not to mention that it is more classy to look at.  Yes, I know cigars are more expensive. Nope, I don’t smoke. Just saying.