Lovenotes 02.01.12

Aguy! Pebrero na po,  mga teh! Love month naaaaa!

Gusto ko, for the whole month of February ay magpaka-wetty magpaka-CHEESY ako dito sa blog ko! Weee! Hmp! Bakit ba!


Umpisahan ko na!

There was a time when, if someone had told me that I could actually find everything I ever wanted in a love, I would have rolled my eyes skyward and passed it off as idealism.

How could it be that in this world of great compromise, someone could be so lucky? I’ve always found it difficult to accept that there is such a thing as a "blissful romance", but our love has changed my mind about the possibilities.

Something about the way I feel when I’m with you tells me that it’s safe to believe in the unbelievable and that maybe, yes, in this world of great compromise, I could really be one of the lucky ones.

You are an amazing compilation of all the wonderful qualities I’ve been hoping for, and even though no one is perfect, I have found something very close to it in you. 😀





"Alam mo ba kung anong nagpapaganda sa isang babae? PAG-IBIG" – Gloria Romero, ANNIE B. (2004)