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Op kors, para na rin sa mga readers kong nagmamahal, nagmahal, nawalan ng minamahal at gustong magmahal ulit.


1. A man won’t let go if he really loves you.

Do not hold on to someone who has let go of you. He does not love you and does not value having you. Believe me, he will not let go if he really loves you. There is another reason he is not willing to tell.

2. Do not look for reasons why he ended the relationship.

There is only one reason why he ended your relationship. He just does not love you. Do not waste your time thinking of reasons or what you should have done. Move on and be open to a man who will truly love you.

3. Do not get hang up on your past.

Do not nag or distrust your current boyfriend just because your ex hurt you. Do not treat him or the relationship the same way. Do not compare. He will not react the same way as your ex. Do not be worried that your simple mistakes will cause him to look for another girl. What happened with your ex was not your fault. It was not because you didn’t guard him enough or you didn’t make him happy enough.

4. Do not look into images.

How many times have you met a girl who didn’t have the best image in school or at the office, but you get to know the girl and found out she was actually extremely nice? Do not rely on images. Oftentimes, it is far from reality. Do not fear men just because your “supposedly” perfect ex-boyfriend mistreated you.

5. Always have your own set of rules.

Set your limits on how far you’d go for a guy. It’s perfectly ok to give and do everything as long as it’s worth it. And it’s worth it if the guy is treating you right.

6. Do not be scared to lose him.

Don’t be scared that he’ll break up with you. Once you are afraid of losing him, you easily can be taken advantage. Be strong and if something is unacceptable, do not accept it and speak up.

7. Avoid calling your guy.

It’s a guy thing. The relationship will definitely be better if it’s the guy who’s calling, not the girl. He will get tired of you if you keep on calling. He will lose interest and challenge. More so, he will get annoyed. But it’s a girl thing also that your fingers get too itchy until you dial his number. But avoid as much as possible. Call only if really needed (like checking if your suspicions are reasonable).

8. There is a guy who will value you.

There is a guy out there who can make you feel valued, appreciated, and loved. And I mean, not just during your first few weeks together. So don’t lose hope. Don’t settle for a lesbian if you are not attracted to women. There is a man out there who can love you like a girl can. Also, do not believe him when he says it’s just the way he really is. He’s not the sweet or expressive-type. Remember during your first few weeks together? Where has that sweet guy gone? He simply is not that into you anymore.

9. Always be the only one, no matter what.

Do not ever fall for a guy who has another girl, be it his wife, girlfriend, or any girl that he says he just can’t get rid of for whatever reason. If you truly believe that he loves you and for some reason, he can’t leave or let go of another girl, then you are no different from any ordinary mistress.

10. He must respect you.

No matter how long the relationship has been, he should always show respect towards you.

11. If he fooled you, end it.

Philandering once is enough. You can never trust nor respect the person again.

12. Never start a relationship the wrong way.

Do not steal another girl’s man, for whatever reason. Nor should you enter a relationship for the wrong reasons (loneliness, on the rebound, getting back at your ex, man-dependency, etc.) it is bound not to last. You will only end up wasting more years of your life.

13. Do not force yourself into a relationship.

Do not get into a relationship just because your friends are getting impatient with your dating escapades and the one hasn’t come yet. Do not choose who to say yes to based on superficial things like money, looks, cars, etc.. If you are even thinking of these things, you have not fallen in love yet.

14. Do not settle.

If you are not happy anymore with your relationship, break up instantly. He will not stay with you forever no matter how upright he might seem to be. Eventually, he will also want love and happiness in his life.

15. A relationship has to have love.

Love is the only thing that will push you to give your efforts into making the relationship work. And believe me, keeping a relationship requires genuine efforts of both parties.

16. Don’t be afraid to be single.

It’s fun to be single, try it. You can go out whenever and wherever you want. You are free. You can date whomever you want and you get to go out for free! Do not get a boyfriend just for the sake of having one. Do not settle.

17. Be a good girl.

Be a good girl to attract a good guy. Enter the relationship with sincere intentions. Take the guy and the relationship seriously with the plan of spending the rest of your life with that person (of course, this is after you had your bit of fun in your younger years). If you compare your flings from your real relationships, you will know that the latter makes you happier and more fulfilled.

18. Love without limits.

Whether you loved and gave everything or loved but held out for some things, if the relationship ends, you still get hurt. But if you gave your everything, you were happy and you could say that it was worth it. If you didn’t give your all, you get hurt for nothing.

19. You will get over him.

Love is over-stated. Love eventually ends and you are free to love another.

20. Be the one.

Act like you are the one. Don’t be a nagger. Don’t hinder his gimmicks. Don’t give in to him too easily. Make him treat you as important. Don’t be easy. Don’t be like every other girl he had in his life.

A man won’t let go, if he really loves you.



“Ang tingin mo sa kanya ay for keeps at ang tingin niya sa ‘yo ay for keps. Girl, move on na. Not worth it.”


For Hopeless Romantics


…including me.


Rose On Wood BW

L O V E!

A good relationship is not a game that we play or an ego trip we take. It is about love and two people. Loving someone can give us the greatest joy we can ever know but it can also hurt us more that we can ever believe. If we love someone we should be ready to experience not only happiness but heartache as well. That’s the reward and risk that it takes. Unless we are willing to experience it, we will never really know what it’s like to love and be loved.

Sharing love is probably the most valuable and meaningful experience a person can ever have.  And there is a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone.  It’s the difference between a love that’s fickle, wild and short-lived and a love that’s tender, passionate and lasting.  The first is easy.  The second, the one that really matters to us all, takes work —- because it’s about keeping the relationship.

Loving someone takes efforts. We have to be able to communicate with each other. Nobody can read anyone else’s mind. We always presume that our partner knows what we think and feel. Maybe in time we might be able to predict or sense each other’s thoughts but it’s never perfect and it takes time to develop.

Getting the chance to love and be loved by someone is a blessing.  Respect him/her for who he/she is, and not what you want him/her to be   No one is perfect.  It’s true love that closes the gap of imperfectness to form a smooth surface of acceptance for each other.  True love sees and accepts a person for who he/she is.  It is also true love that makes a person change for the better.

Although the power of true love is undeniable, a relationship needs commitment too.  What is love without commitment from each other anyway?  It’s like principles and values.  Everyone has them but they only mean as much as we are willing to stand for them.  The same goes for our commitments to relationships and to the person we love.

"Love is like an antique vase.  It’s hard to find, hard to get, yet easy to break."

Everyday, everywhere…people fall in love. But just how many of these relationships are self-sacrificing love, and not just relationships which are formed only for the intense feeling of falling in love? I know hundreds of friends who say the magical words "I love you"…but more often that not, the truth is just — I am IN love with you. There is a difference between being in love with someone and loving someone.

If a person says he/she is in love with you, he/she means that he/she likes you for who you are now and he/she fell in love with you because of the present you. This kind of love is temporary and will only lasts as long as the fairytale lasts.  When fairy godmother comes in at night to whirl us back in reality, we see the heartache of such a relationship.

But if a person says he/she loves you, he/she means that he/she loves you unconditionally for who you are now, who you were you in the past and who you might be in the future. When he/she says he/she loves you and really means it, you have to ask yourself if you love him/her too or if you are only in love with the idea of being in love. It is very hard to see the difference through logical thinking.

May you be blessed on your soul-mate searching journey.

Author Unknown


Have a lovely Friday everyone!



"Love should not be a heavy feeling, it should not make you suffer" – Sharon Cuneta, P.S. I Love You (1981)

Ah Pag-Ibig!

Simpleng reminder lang to para sa mga kapatid ko sa pananalampalataya na gustong isuko din ang sarili sa ngalan ng lecheng PAG-IBIG. Hehe!

Kung gusto mong magka-relasyon, tandaan, huwag na wag kang papasok sa pagmamahal na yan kung wala ka neto: FORGIVING HEART

To love with an open heart is to risk getting hurt. Therefore, in conscious living and conscious loving, forgiveness will always play a key role.

Simply put, forgiveness is a choice to trade pain and heartache for peace and freedom. Here are a few reasons why I continue to make that choice everyday:

  • I forgive because I am committed to living and loving with an open and healed heart.
  • I forgive because no one is perfect. In our humanness, we all have been hurt, and we have all hurt others.
  • I forgive because it empowers me to live in the present moment. I cannot change the past or the people who have imposed their pain on me. However, I can simply choose to let it go.
  • I forgive because I want to live in peace and love instead of conflict and blame. I accept that every experience, challenge and relationship is here to teach me a lesson about life and love.
  • I forgive because I trust in the power of love and its ability to heal and transform.
  • I forgive because it offers me with the peace of mind and personal freedom I deserve.
  • I forgive because I realize I am the only one responsible for my happiness.
  • I forgive as an act of self-love and respect.
  • I forgive because in spiritual truth, there are no unforgivable actions.


Define: LOVE

Lahat tayo (lalo na mga girls) ay may sarili at mga paboritong quotes.

Ako man ay mahilig sa mga quotes, ng kahit anong quotes. Araw-araw, walang palyaI feed myself reading quotes sa Twitter ko. Maybe its just me, pero nakakahugot din ako ng lakas at inspirasyon kahit sa pagbabasa lang ng quotes. Quotes lang, napapaganda na minsan ang araw ko.

Pagdating naman sa define:LOVE quotes, ay gusto ko yan! Masaya yan! May kanya-kanya din tayong paboritong quotes at definition diyan. Naaalala ko tuloy noong bagets pa akotuwang-tuwa ako pag isini-share sa akin ng mga grade school classmates ko ang slumbook nila. Siempre, hindi nawawala dun ang nangunguna at walang kamatayan na Define LOVE at iba pang ka-charotan na kelangan sagutan! Siempre dahil mga bata at virgin pa kami ng mga kaklase ko noon, kaya kadalasan ay ganito ang mga inosenteng sagot namin noon:

Love is God.

Love is Papa and Mama.

Love is like a rosary that is full of mystery.

Love is.secret!

Hehe! Ah bastamarami pang mga korning eklavu noon na mga definition ang LOVE, hindi ko lang matandaan.

LOVEhabang tumatanders ako, natural nag-iiba ang paniniwala at kahulugan ko ng salitang LOVE. Para sa akin, eto na yata ang pinaka-ULTIMATE, pinaka-MAGANDA at pinaka-TOTOOng kahulugan ng salitang LOVE

 1-25-2011 8-47-59 AM

Pagdating sa lablayp ko, pag nawiwindang ako sa sarili ko, pag hindi ko alam kung ano ang gagawin sa mga nangyayari at pag hindi ko ma-explain ang nararamdaman ko sa boypren ko. . . yang quote na yan ang sinisiksik ko sa bungo kobuong puso na isinasagawa at isinasabuhay.

Ikaw? Anong sa yo?



To love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without reason and to care for someone without expectation is the art of TRUE RELATION.

Usap 005 (with an EX)

Pagdating sa usapang boypren-gerlpren na relasyonmaipagmamalaki kong kahit papaano ay nakukuha ko pa rin makipag-prendship sa mga naging EX-boypren ko hanggang ngayon. (take note: mgaplural ha, plural! Aym soo yavangs!)

Hindi ko naman nilalahat pero nananatili kaming civil ni EX sa isat isa at ang sarap talaga sa pakiramdam na nakakapag-emote pa rin ako ng saloobin ko lalo na pag kinakabog ng tadhana ang relationship ko with my current boyfriend.

Days ago, I had a dispute with my KUPS (my bf) that lasted for more than 2 weeks. Ang maysala? AKO! Yun din ang mga araw na pakiramdam ko eh ang sama-sama kong tao.

Gusto kong i-umpog noon ang ulo ko sa dingding namin kaso nag-alala ako at baka mag-crack lang at hindi kayanin ng wall namin ang katigasan ng ulo ko. (as of this writing, lablablab na ulit kami ng Kups ko).

Eto ang excerpt ng pag uusap namin ni EX noon:

M A R U : uy may tanong ako
M A R U: siguro naman..kahit papano eh sasagutin mo tanong ko with all honesty
EX: oo naman
EX: ano tanong
M A R U : sensya na ha…medyo senti
M A R U : pero how i am as a person?
M A R U : how i was as a gf?
M A R U : hey! kahit negative sabihin mo ok lang sa akin ha
EX: as a person talagang ok ka marunong ka magdala ng tao masaya kang kausap
M A R U : how about sa ugali?
M A R U : sensya na ha. pero siguro naman mas makakasagot ka ng deretso kung ikaw ang tatanungin ko kesa iba
EX: as a gf maganda rin kasi marunong kang magdala, ang naging problema natin nuon parang nasakal ako dahil hindi ko maibigay yung time na gusto mo
EX: at lagi tayo nag-aaway nuon na i-stress ako
EX: isa pa e ayaw mo nung nirerendahan ka
EX: pero syempre alang perpektong tao

Aktwali, gusto ko lang mag-solicit kay EX ng mga magagandang salita tungkol sa akin dahil nagbakasakali akong mai-angat ko ang lumalawlaw kong self-esteem kaya ganun ang tanong ko sa kanya.

Siempre, bukod dun gusto ko rin papaniwalain ang sarili ko na hindi naman ako ganun ka-demonyita kay Kups as his GF.Sino ba naman ang may gusto na maging pasaway at makapanakit ng boypren noh? I admit Im such a bitch — sometimes!

Shhh! Sa totoo langtrip ko ang maging certified bitch talaga. Nabasa ko kasi yung book ni Sherry Argov’s: Why Men Marry Bitches. Malay natin at maisipan ni Kups na i-marry-marry ako someday dahil sa bitchiness ko. O divah!Lols!

Well, my relationship with Kups is not exactly one of those matches made in heaven — but it has some good possibilites.

* * * * *

Lessening The Pain

* * * *

“The best part of being in love with someone is being convinced that that person will be with us forever. Most of us start relationship believing in the promise of love without end. Unfortunately, not all relationships end the way we want them to.

To some, love comes in a fleeting moment and goes just as fast. But getting over the feeling always seems to take a lifetime, because the only person who can heal the pain is usually the very same person who hurt us and made us cry.

Sometimes just as we are about to accept the failure of our relationship, that person comes back to us and unknowingly destroys our defenses. Suddenly, we find ourselves hooked on love again. And it hurts even more because we know that person doesnt share the same feeling anymore.

Even if there is the urge to forget because it hurts, there would always be that compelling reason to hope for love to come back. It is like waiting for the sun to shine in the middle of a storm.

The love that brings us pain should be the same love that would heal our hearts. When you love so much that it begins to hurt, then you have to learn to let go to lessen your pain.

Love hurts, and sometimes it hurts like there is no tomorrow. But there still is and there will always be one. No matter how battered and stricken we have been, there will always be a tomorrow that will bring hope and love. But that tomorrow will never come unless we leave the past behind and live today as we should.

Let the pain remain for a while and let the tears fall as they please. Then after all that, move on and find your place in this world where you will feel that everything is going to be all right.”

* * * *

Love Is Not Enough


Love and Commitment

Nagkasalubong kami kahapon ng isang dating kaklase ko sa college sa isang mall dito sa Iligan City. Saglit na nagka-tsikahan sa mga buhay-buhay namin.

Gaya ko, may mga kids na rin sya na halos kasing-edad na rin ng Kevin ko ang panganay nya. Yun nga lang, unlike me eh siya ay may mister at ako naman ay nanatiling virgin pa rin hanggang ngayon dahil sa kawalan ng mister. Echoos lang! Hehehe!

By the way, isang muslim ang kaklase ko. It was an arranged marriage ang nangyari sa kanya noon at sila pa rin ngayon ng husband nya.

Pauwi na ako ng nakapagmuni-muni ako sa dyip. Nakakatuwang isipin na despite of soaring numbers of divorce, annulments and failed marriagesparang yung mga arranged marriages pa yata ang nagiging mas matibay at lasting kesa dun sa taong sila mismo ang namili ng partners nila at pinakasalan. Parang unbelievable di ba?

Wala akong maibigay na statistic para gawing pruweba na tama ako sa observation ko pero para sa akin may logic eh.

Kahanga-hanga ang mga taong to kako. Saludo ako sa respeto nila sa family traditions nila. Hindi man nila masyadong kilala ang mapapangasawa nila sa umpisa, pero parang alam na alam nila na kelangan in their marriage they need to work it out. Para sa kanila, it is not about falling in love, and marrying because you love.

Marami ang nagpapakasal dahil inlove nga daw sila. Pero kung iisipin mo rin, paano na lang when you fall out of love? Cant help but agree that, marriage is not about love, its about commitment.

Ok sige andun na ako na siguro nga sa Love nag uumpisa ang isang relationship, but its the commitment that sustains it. Sabi pa nga ng tatay ko noong buhay pa at pag nag i-english, Love is just the cherry on top the cake called commitment.

Sino nakakakilala sa inyo kay Bob Garon? Share ko sa inyo tong isang article nya.


The most important, most critical component in successful loving is commitment. Not love. Its easy to love without commitment. People do it all the timeeasy to love, to give of oneself for a while. But commitment implies bonding in such a way that one promises to keep the fires of love burning indefinitely.

In the countless counseling sessions I have had with troubled couples over the years, there has always been the problem of a failing commitment on the part of at least one of the partners. Unless there is the raising of the level of commitment, the relationship is doomed. Its finished. Sooner or later the stresses will take their toll and the relationship will begin to fall apart. On the other hand, look carefully at couples who are still very much in love after 20, 25 years. Their commitment to each other cannot be shaken. Neither can their love.

It also means shutting ones heart to the possibility of loving another who might even be more attractive, even more lovable. Not easy. This is why solid commitments are not at all as common as we are led to believe. In fact, more often than not, I think that the commitment two lovers make are not equal. What I mean is that the commitment of one might be a whole lot more or a whole lot less than the partners.

We see it all the time. One loves more than the other, is more committed than the other. It is false to believe that two lovers love each other to the same degree. We have often seen lopsided love relationships where one partner is giving so much more to the relationship than the other.

But writers and poets seem to always indicate that love isnt just a two-way street, but an equal two-way street.

That hardly ever happens. It is impossible to determine exactly how much a man loves a woman or how much a woman cares for a man. Love cannot be measured and that can be a huge problem. You can love someone and tell him I love you and youre telling the truth. But how much do you love him? Enough to let him court you? Enough to marry him? Enough to die for him?

The greatest test of true love is commitment. And the greatest indicator of deep love is deep commitment. There can be no doubting this.

I have heard people say all the right words, make all the right moves and pledge undying love, only to walk away weeks or months later.

Were they in love? Sure they were. But not enough to allow them to hold strong in their love. Not enough to keep a commitment regardless of the pain.

A lover gets this sinking feeling when there is a sense that one is more committed than the other. When one is giving a lot more than one is receiving, when ones love is a lot more solid than the creaky love of the partner.

When a couple believes strongly that their commitment to each other is rock solid, there is a deep sense of security, a feeling that its okay to give all because the gift of yourself is safe in the hands of the beloved. If, however, there is doubt or, even worse, the conviction that one is engaged in one-way giving, in a one-way commitment that is lopsided, then there is a tendency to pull back and not give as much. And when that happens, love begins to fade.

Bow! Ganda di ba?

Kups, para din sa yo to! 🙂

Matakot Ka Sa Madamot

Q & A portion, grand finals ng Miss Fitrum 2008 sa Wowowee last January 2009:

Rene Salud: “Iranggo mo ang mga qualities ng lalaki ayun sa importansya sa yo:

  • good looks
  • sense of humor
  • financial stability

…alin ang number 1, number 2, number 3 para sa ‘yo?”.

Contestant: “Well, ang mauuna po ay ang financial stability, especially ngayon dahil ah…malakas ang krisis…i mean dahil nga po sa krisis. So isipin muna natin ang future natin. Lalo na sa mga magiging anak natin. Pangalawa po ay…siguro… masasabi ko po na huli-huli yung good-looking kasi sa akin po ay hindi importante ang … yung looks. Ang mas importante talaga, yung iisipin nyo muna unang-una talaga ay ang kinabukasan.”

Rene Salud: “Eh ang sense of humor?”

Contestant: “Sense of humor, siempre po pangalawa po. Kailangan po masaya kayo sa relasyon nyo.”

Hmmmn…it make sense. Nagiging praktikal lang siguro si ineng kaya number 1 sa rank of importance para sa kanya ang financial stability ng isang guy. Medyo plastik naman ang dating sa akin na last daw yung physical appearance ng lalaki. Tse! Pekpek nya! Lol!

May naging jowa ako dati na superb ang sense of humor, meron din yung napaka-seryoso at ang laki talaga ng pagkakaiba. Ang gaan kasama ng lalaking may taglay na humor sa katawan. May kasabihan na pag may humor…may sense.

At may naging follow-up na opinion si Ms. Gloria Diaz dun sa sagot ng contestant na bonggang-bongga and I can’t help but AGREE.

Gloria Diaz: “And follow up answer dun sa “financial etc..”… kahit financially stable ang lalaki kelangan hindi MAMOT (aka madamot)…di ba? kelangan sini-share…kasi even if you find a financially stable… sense of humor… etsetera, etsetera…ang pinaka-importante, sabi nga nila…“wag ka matakot daw sa multo, matakot ka sa madamot”


Willy Revillame: “Madamot in what sense? Ano ibig mong sabihin?”

Gloria Diaz: “That they would share their financial success, right? Dapat ganun.”

Howel, malaking puntos ang mga lalaking may trabaho o kaya financially stable. Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon ay hindi na umuubra yung kasabihan na “ok lang kahit saging (ang kinakain) basta loving”.

Pero totoo din na ang daming lalaki ngayon na may stable na work…kumikita, pero madamot naman.

Langya! Ang hirap pa naman and it would take time talaga to detect ang lalaking mamot.

Best foot forward ang normal na arte ng mga lalaki. Siempre todo pa-impress ang taktika sa umpisa kaya galante! Kung anu-ano ang ibinibigay na material na bagay. Kaya hindi mo agad masasabing madamot.

Pero pag naging jowa mo na ang guy, dun medyo makikita mo na rin ang totong senyales ng pagiging “mamot” ni bhebhie mo.Ayoko na masyado i-elaborate o pahabain ang satsat ko kasi ang daming pwede pagbasehan para masabing madamot ang lalaki.

Siempre may sarili akong batayan. Ang pwede ko lang i-share… ay ang sarili kong opinyon. Para sa akin, ang lalaking GENEROUS sa ORAS – it follows o asahan mong generous din yan hindi lang sa MONEY kundi sa LOVE din. Kaso kadalasan lumalabas ang true color ng lalaki on generosity ay pag naging kayo na.

Kaya pag katagalan ang isang lalaki ay panay “i’m busy” ang alibi sa ‘yo o kaya hindi nakakatawag o nakaka-text sa yo ng gaya ng dati….mag isip-isip ka. May tendency na madamot yan hindi lang sa pagmamahal kundi sa pera din.


Baduy Pero Astig

Love month naaaaaa! Pakornihan na naman ng blog entries. Nanghalukay ako ng mga baduy pero astig na entry sa old Friendster ko at eto ang isa sa mga kaek-ekan na nakuha ko.

  • What a girl needs most is love. What a guy needs most is respect. The most important thing for a girl is her heart. For a guy its his ego.
  • Give your man his own time and space. Let him have his time for his friends, sports, family, self, and God. The relationship will grow old quickly if lagi kayong magkasama. Give him time to miss you and you’ll see how he will love you more. Wag ka panay text ng, “wer u na?”, ano u gawa? Aruuu! If the guy naman is obsessed and just wants to be with you all the time, tell him you can’t respect a “puppy” for long.

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