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Medieval City – Yvoire, FRANCE

Yvoire, a romantic medieval town in Haute Savoie on the French side of Lake Geneva, is a popular day-trip destination from Geneve, Nyon, Evian, and local Alpine resorts.

This medieval bourg, ideally situated on the expanse separating the “little lake” from the “great lake”, still possesses some of the essential elements of the fortifications of the 14th Century : the castle, doors, ramparts…

Known as a modest fishing village in the beginning of the century, Yvoire is now ranked as one of the International Laureates of Floral Decorations, and is a member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of France. – Yvoire Tourism Office

IMG_4884 IMG_4883 IMG_4894 IMG_4896 IMG_4899 IMG_4904 IMG_4911 IMG_4952 IMG_4964 Millette (my sister), Evan (my brother) and Anthony (Evan’s bestfriend and a family friend) IMG_4969 IMG_4970 IMG_5463 IMG_5464

Matagal ko ng trip ang tumihaya (atta word) sa “bed of roses”. Natupad din! Alam nyo bang isa-isa ko pang tinanggal ang mga tinik ng mga tangkay bago ako humiga diyan? Siempre, istir ko lang yun! Hindi yan mga rosas. Mukang mga rosas lang. Lol!

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QUOTE of the DAY: “Il n’y a qu’un bonheur dans la vie, c’est d’aimer et d’tre aim.” (There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.) – George Sand